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Dr. David Rozeboom, University City Chiropractor

Dr. David Rozeboom

A University City Chiropractor for Health and Wellness

We pride ourselves on instant service. I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to visit our site and learn more!

Chiropractic and Health
Go Hand in Hand

What you’ll find is what so many other University City-area residents have discovered: Chiropractic is amazingly simple. Chiropractic is remarkably safe. And chiropractors can be helpful for a variety of health problems—problems that rarely resolve on their own.

Part of my training over these many years has been in the art of communication with those around me. That training includes listening and letting the person know I heard them. My intuition and insight has increased with the years and my ability to ask the right question continues to improve.

Waiting will only postpone the moment you enjoy relief

So call our chiropractic office now. Countless University City residents already have!

Dr. David Rozeboom – University City Chiropractor
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